Modern flooring differs in purpose, structure, quality, the complexity of installation and its cost, durability and many other important indicators. That is why the choice of sex is entirely determined by the specifics of the task, the capabilities of the customer and the design of the room. Below we look at the most popular types of flooring.

Laminate flooring or “laminate” (lat. Lamina – layered) is a further development of the idea of ‚Äčthe floorboard but manufactured in accordance with the most modern plastics technology. Externally, laminate completely repeats the structure of wood, and is almost indistinguishable from natural parquet, inside it is a complex multi-layer structure consisting of:

a protective layer (overlay) – bumoplast obtained by hot pressing of individual layers of paper impregnated with melamine resin by adding corundum. The more corundum – the higher the wear resistance;
a layer of decorative paper with a pattern;
the bearing layer – the basis received from a solid fiberboard (DVP panel);
a compensating layer of bioplast consisting of 2 – 3 layers of kraft paper and allowing to save the geometry of a separate board when it is laminated.
The overwhelming majority of brands of the laminate produced today repeats the pattern of natural wood, less often – stone, ceramic tile, etc. Inform, the laminate is a board, 1200 … 1300 mm long, 190 – 200 mm wide and 7 – 8 mm thick. Today, laminate in the form of a square, a rectangle, etc., is becoming increasingly popular. The variety of shapes and shades opens up room for imagination and the possibility of improvisation with a floor pattern, allowing you to choose an option for any interior and style. So, laminated floors in country style, for example, very successfully imitate the texture of the flooring pattern of a village house.

Laminate flooring is a beautiful, durable and reliable floor covering that creates an atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

The main advantage of the laminate is its low price compared to the parquet made of natural wood and high hardness. The composition of the resin laminate add fractions of natural corundum – a heavy-duty material used in the technology of diamond cutting. Laminate is easy to clean: the vast majority of contaminants, including paint, grease and the like, are perfectly removed with solvents and detergents. The decorative qualities of the external coating of the laminate are not affected. It is laid without any problems on warm floors.

The lifetime of the laminated coating is on average 10 – 15 years. The wood-fiber composition is pressed before crystallization, and after that, it cannot be deformed. The advantages of laminate include shock resistance, abrasion resistance, ease of installation, non-combustibility. Not afraid of the laminate of ladies’ hairpins, dog claws, pushing furniture legs, etc.
If you wish, you can lay it anywhere: in the bedroom, in the living room, in the nursery, in the hallway, etc. Significant disadvantages of laminate include a low ability to absorb sound and the impossibility of its use in rooms with high humidity. And, finally, those who are attracted to the advantages of laminate should know that this material is 100% artificial, and many of its brands are able to secrete phenols and allergens under the influence of sunlight,

Laminated floor imitating wood of various species
Cappuccino oak Hickory Manchester
Laminated coating Laminated coating
Rustic oak Mountain maple
Laminated coating Laminated coating
Despite the fact that the laminate in the Russian market of building and finishing materials is represented quite widely, it is not so easy to find high-quality products, and such a laminate from 35S for 1m.kv costs. and higher.
Quality and geometry of the lock and the board itself matter, the quality of applying a protective coating, which, if followed technology, should be applied not only to the outer layer but also to all elements of the laminate, including locks.

Like other floor coverings, laminate, in accordance with the requirements of European standards, before being put on the market is tested for resistance to abrasion, light resistance, impact resistance, etc. (18 tests in total). The data obtained as a result of the tests allow us to assign the laminate to one of the classes (from 31 to 34). The higher the class, the higher the wear resistance of the coating, which means its durability.

Wooden flooring
Parquet, as a floor covering, became fashionable at the court of the French kings of the 17th century. Since then, qualitatively laid parquet is perceived only as evidence of impeccable taste and the special status of its owner. As time passed, improved woodworking technologies and natural wood flooring now represented in 3 – embodiments: the actual parquet – or inlaid piece, solid flooring and parquet board.

The most expensive option in the average expression is, of course, massive flooring – 100%, although there are exceptions. So the cost of a square. m. single-strip floorboard may exceed the cost of solid wood boards of the same wood.

One of the main advantages of parquet is its durability. Thanks to the thick working layer, the parquet can be scraped, renewing the surface many times. Checked, some hardwood floors can live for 100 years or more.

There are really few drawbacks to the parquet, but it should be noted that in order to get a high-quality and beautiful assembly you should find a true master of high qualification. The services of such a specialist may be expensive, but given the lifetime of the parquet, these costs are quite justified. A lot of consumables will also be required for laying the foundation: parasol, primer, glue, plywood, for finishing, you will need to stock up with primer, varnish, have professional grinders, etc., when operating the parquet, you will need to monitor the level of room humidity, especially in the heating season. Laying on warm floors is contraindicated.